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5 Essential Tips for Real Estate Branding You Should Know in 2021

Essential Real Estate Branding Tips You Should Know

Every business wants to be different. But how is the question! With intense competition all around, it is no cakewalk for any business to make its presence felt. To top it, consumers are now tech-savvy, and businesses have to double their marketing efforts to attract clients offline and online. 

With the world of internet bringing in a trend almost every day, the real estate businesses have to be on their toes to catch up with the ever-evolving digital trends. If the website is necessary one day, social media is the next day, and a mobile app the other day. 

Real estate agencies have the challenging task of finding clients and dealing with them day in and day out. In such a scenario, what essentially comes to the rescue of real estate businesses is branding. 

Real estate branding is marketing your services uniquely that help people identify them. No, real estate branding is not just about logo, name, and taglines. It is reflected in everything from customer service to your marketing materials and advertising. Above all, it is about delivering integrity, knowledge, and communication so that clients feel that your business is trustworthy and worth their money. 

Real estate brokers have to put in extra efforts to lure customers. Real estate branding is about selling your brand story to prospective clients. And you cannot go about it casually. It needs proper planning and implementation. Let us see some essential tips for real estate branding to help you get an edge over your competitors and put you at an advantage.

1. Optimize Your Social Media Content for Conversions

Promote your real estate properties on social media in myriad ways. The first step is to optimize your social profile for conversions. Complete the profile by filling in the necessary details. Observe how your competitors are engaging their customers. Images and videos bring the best customer engagement. Instagram and Facebook are popular among real estate agents because they provide numerous ways to showcase products and services. 

  • Don’t be lured into creating accounts on all social media platforms. Instead, focus on platforms where you will find your audience. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are good for real estate branding and promotion.    
  • Study the social media trends and try implementing them on your business profile. You have a chance to grab more eyeballs with trending hashtags. 
  • Promote properties with high-quality images and videos. People prefer visual content when it comes to buying a property. Clients want to visualize the house before going ahead with its purchase. Make the videos look professional so that your clients know that you mean serious business. 
  • Post videos of the community around the real estate property instead of just focusing on the home videos. A drone video of the view around the home will help buyers in easy decision-making. 
  • Conduct interviews of the home seller and ask him to say about some of the unique buying points of the property. Let them tell you about the experiences of their stay at home.   
  • Partner with micro-influencers to promote your services on social media. Instagram gives the best ROI for influencer marketing campaigns. Hire micro-influencers and collaborate with them for multiple campaigns. Consistent brand endorsements get you a newer audience. 
  • Promote discounts and offers on Facebook and Instagram. Videos on first look at the property, customer support, and consistent posting build a sense of community among your followers.   

2. Prove Your Expertise to Your Clients

Clients love it when you show your authority in the real estate market. After all, everyone loves opinions when it comes to selling or buying real estate. They want to make the maximum profit, and for this, they rely on real estate market gurus. There are numerous ways for you to display your market knowledge to a niche audience. 

  • Join various real estate forums on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Twitter. Answer the queries and provide industry information to the audience. It gives you a chance to establish your authority and get loyal followers.      
  • Arrange for podcasts and webinars. Get experts to talk about the real estate trends for the current and the next year. 
  • Post regular Q&A sessions for your followers where you answer queries about the local market and your services. 
  • Write blogs on your website about the current real estate market trends. Invite experts to write guest blogs on your website. Upload infographics in blogs to help readers understand the topic better. 

3. Tell Successful Deal Stories to Everyone

Customer testimonials are essential to building trust among clients. Real estate branding is not always about the company. It is more about clients and how they have benefitted from your services. While it is true that word of mouth referral works like magic, you have to do your job and try to spread the good words your clients have to say about you. An essential tip for real estate branding is putting your clients in focus.     

  • Encourage clients to write reviews on Google My Business. It helps online searchers to read the reviews and make positive decisions. 
  • Request the clients to rate and review your service on local listing directories for real estate. Focusing on local clients will help in spreading good words about your service. 
  • Post video testimonials of clients on your website. It works better than the written reviews. 
  • Post happy family pictures of your clients who have moved to their new homes. You can also post their videos on your social media accounts. Let them speak of your services and how they have benefited from them.

4. Real Estate Branding by Building A Strong Network

Networking essentially brings clients to your real estate business. Attend events, meet prospective clients, and network with people who compliment your business. Networking helps in getting referrals and increases your sphere of influence. Do not be shy to ask for referrals from people whom you think might give you some leads. 

  • Join real estate forums on social media channels. You get immense information on the trending real market news. 
  • Attend seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions, and events. Tell about your real estate services to prospective clients. 
  • Sponsor local events like fashion shows, college, and community events. Distribute flyers and your business card to people who think might be interested in your services. 
  • Network with complementary businesses like interior decorators, cleaning services, real estate consulting firms, and packers. They have information on property buyers and sellers.   

5. Build Your Brand by Hiring Real Estate Consulting Services

People like to be associated with someone credible and well-known. Building a reputation in the real estate market takes consistent efforts and time. There is no point in real estate branding if you do not know how to do it. The best solution is to hire real estate consulting services. 

These services prepare a comprehensive real estate branding strategy and take care of all your marketing needs. They are experts in their field, and they know how to make your brand noticeable. Why spend time in branding when a real estate consulting service can do it for you? You can concentrate on your actual job of dealing with clients. This way, the real estate consulting firm gets leads for you, and you do the job of turning them into clients.      

Key Takeaway

Making yourself noticeable is crucial in real estate branding. People will love to associate with you if you strive to transform your brand into something memorable. Work on the above tips for real estate branding and turn every customer into a referral source. Work to build a solid social media presence. Network with like-minded people and offer the best to your clients. It is time that you close deals day after day. 

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